Family law disputes can take an emotional and financial toll on those affected and have a major impact on the future well being of  both yourself and your children. Colin Lyle’s Law Firm knows how important it is to achieve your desired outcome in family, divorce and domestic dispute cases. We’ll explain your rights and options, and put our expertise and experience to work for you so you can achieve the most favorable, timely and cost effective outcome possible.

Colin Lyle's family law practice represents clients in divorce, separation, property division, custody, support, domestic contracts, adoption and child protection (CAS) proceedings. We can assist you in negotiating and drafting separation or cohabitation agreements, equalizing your marital property, and collecting or varying both spousal and child support payments on your behalf.

If need be, we can help you to enforce your rights and win your case through the more traditional court process. Alternatively, we can work with you on trying to achieve the same results through more amicable and cost effective alternate dispute resolution mechanisms such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Colin Lyle’s Law Firm knows that family law cases often address difficult and high conflict personal matters. Our commitment to you is to focus on, and understand your unique and individual circumstances in a compassionate and objective manner. We support and empower you through this difficult and emotional period of your life, and assist you in maximizing your benefits, and choosing the best, most creative and best interest of child solutions to your particular family law problem.


A will is only part of an overall estate planning as there are opportunities to transfer certain assets to beneficiaries outside of a will, without tax and other cost consequences. It is very important to have and keep proper estate planning in order to:

- make sure your assets are transferred to your beneficiaries

- pay the least amount of taxes on your estate

- assign guardians for minor children (if any)

Colin Lyle knows about the rules that apply to wills and probate and can help with estate planning in order to save taxes and protect your beneficiaries. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your will is properly drafted and valid, and that your estate will be paid out according to your wishes and efficiently probated if need be.


The real estate transaction is complex and potentially intimidating especially for new home buyers since the price of a house is only part of the total cost of buying or selling. Purchasing, selling and refinancing of real estate can be complex. At Colin Lyle's Law firm we recognize the importance of being able to understand the associated fees and disbursements that affect the final cost of your transaction so you are able to budget your funds and minimize any disappointment and difficulties on the day of closing.

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