Colin took my case when I felt like I had no hope in the world, Colin would spend many hours with me, he also made it clear to me that he was willing to do whatever he could to help me but I have to be honest with myself and show him that I wasn’t trying to fool the system. Colin would take his Sundays and spend them all day till the late hours to prepare my affidavits.

  1. -Dimitra

I was blessed by being one of Mr. Lyle clients and he kindly helped me in two different cases and in both cases he demonstrated excellence in his work and accuracy. He also demonstrated fairness every time. One of the numerous advantages I found in Mr. Lyle is his care of educating his clients about their duties before educating them about their rights helping them to achieve the best parenting environment.

He could have sent me to court with the CAS as scheduled when I went to his office and that would have brought a lot of money to his office in motions and trials but he didn’t take this choice instead he took the best interest of his client which is to reach an agreement with the CAS.

I applied for custody and I passed through 3 different lawyers in my family case before Mr. Lyle, all in all three times, I was disappointed from my lawyers as none of them represented me in an honest way. Some used the fact that I was inexperienced with the family law and some just didn’t proceed. Anyway this left me so disappointed and more scared from my ex-husband which later contributed to my problem with the CAS.

  1. -Mayson

He defends me and my family with passion and integrity which does not end at 5pm because to him it is not a job because he understands that life is happening past 5pm.

  1. -Stephanie

I truly feel that you have gone “above and beyond” on my behalf and have helped me navigate through a very difficult time in my life. I sincerely felt that you had the best interest of both myself and my daughter in mind through this and despite your very busy schedule you were there for me when I needed assistance.

  1. -Kerri

Far beyond representing his clients and their rights, Colin keeps the focus on the children involved.

  1. -Lucas

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“Thank you for all that you have done to see me through this otherwise difficult process. Your dedication and sincere kindness will not be forgotten.”- Teena